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Friday, 6 July 2018

Clay Cartoon Figurine

I've been doing a few cartoon style illustrations recently and got the idea to try making a 3D figure in the same style. As I've done enough self portraits over the years I decided to make a miniature version of my boyfriend.

I got my air dry clay out and starting moulding but quickly discovered that having a sketch of the figure would help me keep everything the right size. When I've made figures in the past out of Sculpey I've constructed a wire skeleton first, but as this model would be pretty bulky in comparison the only structural element I added was a bit of a wooden skewer through the neck and down one leg to put the head on.

Once I'd added all the details I left my model overnight to dry out. As it's been particularly hot here in England recently I thought I might have a few issues with cracking which can happen when clay dries out too quickly. When I went back to the model I found the head had detached from the neck. Lucky I put that wooden skewer in!
To fix this, I cut the skewer down so the head would touch the neck again and used watered down clay to glue it together.

To paint the figure I first covered it in a coat of white primer...

... and I painted it with acrylics.

And now I have a little craft room companion!

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