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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Things to Draw

Whenever I see pictures of artist's sketchbooks, usually on Instagram, I think 'I should probably do that'. I think it's a good idea to keep your drawing skills in check if you're an artist.
A little while ago I stumbled on Phil McAndrew's Big List of Stuff to Draw which has 400 drawing prompts. I found an old sketchbook and decided to start working through the list whenever I feel like drawing something. I started the list going in order, but now I don't mind skipping prompt if they don't inspire me.

I decided not to stick to one style of drawing to make things more interesting, so I've got realistic sketches, simple line drawings, colour pieces and drawings with added watercolour paint.

Here's some of the ones I've done so far.

Trophies - Naked People - Sad People - Your Neighbours
Dogs - Bicycles - All of the houses you've lived - Statues

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