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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sequin Letters

I've been sorting through my craft supplies before I move house and have found one thing I have a lot of is sequins. And one thing I enjoy doing is sewing sequins on to felt, it's really relaxing.
So I came up with a little monogram hanger project to make use of a few sequins.
I printed out some capital letters in a font I liked and cut them out to use as templates. I used these to cut out two pieces of pink felt.

Then I put on some shows and got to sewing. I put them on pretty randomly, only making sure that no identical sequins were right next to each other.

Once all the sequins were sewn on I stitched the two pieces of felt together, adding a piece of ribbon at the top and filling it with polyester stuffing.

I tried a different style for the 'N'. I cut a white piece of felt using a paper template and attached a string of sequins following the shape of the letter. I did this by gluing them in place first and then sewing on every other sequin on the string. For the back piece of felt I choose purple to match the sequins and found a piece of ribbon in the same colour to use.

 I liked the process of making the 'A' but I think I prefer the style of the 'N'. What do you think?

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