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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Custom Envelope Bag

Many years ago I made some envelope bags with the address embroidered on. I think that was pre-blog but I documented them here. At the time one of my sister's friends ordered one from me and then a few months ago a different friend of my sister, who remembered the bags from all those years ago, ask me if I'd make one for her wedding day.

I started by making a paper pattern which I used to cut two pieces of white fabric. The fabric was quite thin so I had my first experience with fusible interfacing which would give the bag more structure and support the embroidery.

I sewed on the name and address and added a few personal details for the bride, like using her wedding date as the postage mark and using one of her wedding colours for the stamp.

Once the embroidery was done I sewed the two pieces of fabric together and then turned the whole thing right side out, which was a bit tricky with the added interfacing. Then I hand sewed the bottom three flaps together to make the envelope shape and added a popper to the top one as a closure.

I bought a gold coloured chain from a jumble sale for £1 which was the perfect length for the bag. I just hand sewed the ends to the inside of the bag.

Here's the bride with her custom bag on her wedding day.

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