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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Sweet Treat Charms

I was looking through my old posts recently and was reminded about the miniature food made out of salt dough. It was a really fun project so I decided to try a similar thing using polymer clay. 

I got out my Sculpey and started modelling. This time around I decided to make the mini snacks into charms by inserting a small pin bent into a loop which could later have a jump ring attached to it.

These are the tools I used with the Sculpey. There's a craft knife, a 'pokey tool' (that was genuinely the name on the packet), and some dotting tools that were sold as nail art tools but work great for modelling.

After the charms had their time in the oven it was time to paint them. I used acrylic paint and my smallest paint brushes. 

With a jump ring attached these charms could become a necklace, a key ring or even part of a delicious foods themed charm bracelet.

 I think these turned out really cute and I'm already thinking what other sweet treats I could make in miniature. Any suggestions?

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