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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Crochet Jar Covers

 My Mum saw this idea for crochet jar covers on Mollie Makes and got to work making her own version like the crochet wiz she is. She always has a supply of empty jars in the kitchen (for homemade jam!) so she just had to find three the same size.

She then left it to me to put on the faces. I used a black Sharpie and pink acrylic paint and pretty much copied the faces from the example because I couldn't improve on that cuteness.

I think these would look fun in a bathroom storing cotton buds and cotton pads (I thought I had some cotton balls to complete the trio, but no). Storing something white really helps the faces stand out.

The original tutorial has these jars containing kitchen ingredients, but I also think they would be a great gift stuffed with marshmallows.

What would you store in them?

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