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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Felt Cactus Pin Cushion

A felt cactus pin cushion is not an original idea. Just google 'felt cactus' and you'll see what I mean. But it is a fun, and pretty useful one.
The tutorial I used for reference is this one. It's in German but the pictures are enough to go on.

I started by cutting three pairs of pieces of green felt using a paper pattern. I sewed each pair together using pale yellow thread. I chose yellow, instead of green to match the felt, as I wanted it to resemble the markings some cacti have.

Then I stacked the pieces of felt and sewed them all together with one line of stitching down the middle.

 I filled each section with polyester stuffing, making the cactus take shape.

I made the soil by cutting a CD sized circle of brown felt and doing running stitch all the way around the edge. I pulled the thread to gather the felt and filled it with stuffing. I then sewed the cactus to the top of the soil.

The felt soil nicely wedges in the flower pot so I haven't needed to glue it in place yet. I picked up the pot from the Scrap Store. I may re-paint it at some point but for now I quite like the scratched up gold look.
With my felt cactus complete all that's left to do is add my pins and start a new sewing project!

Pin it!

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