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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fabric Christmas Birds

Ever since I picked up some great Christmas fabric from the Scrap Store I've had the idea to make some little birds using it.

I looked through a lot of patterns online but nothing was quite what I had in mind to make a robin so I adapted this pattern from Hobbycraft. I added a different beak and used white felt at the bottom, as well as the Christmas fabric. The bit around the beak was a bit fiddly to sew so I tried a different version.

This time I pretty much stuck to the original pattern, sewing the beak as part of the main structure. It was definitely simpler to sew but I think I'll have to call it a Christmas bird, rather than a robin as it's missing some of the features.

 I then tried a version where the patterned part is wider so there's more colour on the bird, but I think it looks a little too dumpy.

What to you think of the three variations? Are there any other ways I could adapt them? I haven't added wings so maybe that's something I could do.

1 comment:

  1. I like the second one in the picture, and just as you mention adding wings would complete the bird look for me...maybe even putting the christmas fabric on the underside of the wings with the brown on top of the wings on both sides. Good luck!


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