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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Art Cards

This week at work we've put up the end of year art exhibition. On Tuesday night we had the private view where some of the students get awards for their work this year. The Head of Art asked me if I had some handmade cards we could give the winners, so I made these 6 especially for them. 

The starting points for most of the cards were these paint experiments that the students made throughout the year and then abandoned in the 6th room. I scooped them up and put them to good use. 

For these cards I cut out a geometric pattern using a craft knife and layered the patterned paper underneath. I stuck pieces of coloured paper on some of the triangles, picking out colours from the patterned paper.

For this card I used a Sharpie to draw mandala style doodles over patterned paper, which I spray mounted to a folded piece of red card.

This was the quickest card to make. I just made water colour paint splodges and when they dried I drew feathers using a fine liner on top.

Which card is your favourite?

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