Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Miniature Steps

Remember the model zombie I made? Well part of the project is a model school for the zombies to invade. I'm making a replica of the school I work at, which has a big set of steps leading to the main door, so I made those this past weekend.

I've made a few model staircases in the past  (like this one, and this one) but I think this one is my best yet as I tried a new technique which worked really well. I cut out the sides of the stairs from mountboard and made slots for the vertical pieces.

Then I slotted in the vertical pieces with PVA glue on the sides. This took two attempts as after the first time I did it I went to move the whole thing and it collapsed.

I then stuck the horizontal pieces in place.

The tops of the sides curve slightly so I used some left over kapa-line foam from the model making course. I stuck it to the card and then used sand paper to round the edges.

I added the pillars at the bottom from more mount board encasing the bottom of the stairs.

This is how it looks attached to the rest of the school. I've still got quite a bit to do, for example it doesn't have a roof yet!

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