Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Felt Christmas Banner

Warning: I'm going to acknowledge Christmas in this post. If you're not ready for that, well, get ready! Christmas is less that two months away!

During half term I wanted an excuse to sit in front of the tv and watch countless episodes of Grey's Anatomy, so I made this Christmas banner!

A few years ago I bought a big bag of red, green and white felt pieces from the Scrap Store, a lot of which became felt stockings. But then I was left with lots of pieces of felt too small for stockings, which is why I decided to make the banner.

This project also allowed me to use another supply I've had forever; these funky foam letters.

Making the banner was pretty simple. I cut out the felt pieces, folded them over a piece of string, glued the sides together, machine sewed along the top, and then glued on the letters.

And as I had more felt and letters I made a second banner.
I finished these last Friday and sold them both at the craft fair the next day!

I'd love to make more of these banners but I've run out of 'm's, so I'm considering alternatives.

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