Thursday, 8 October 2015

Animating Morph

 At the Morph making workshop we were encouraged to take our Morphs home and try animating with them. So I did! I've done stop/start animation before and I really like it.

 This was my set up. I kept things simple by putting my Morph on a plain white background in my home made light box.

(Wait for it to load so it plays smoothly)
For my first animation I thought it would be really funny to make Morph do the Macarena - or 'Morpherena' - and it was. Though Morph wasn't completely steady on his feet and face planted a few times in between shots, and he missed out one of the moves of the dance.

Then I did a fun little magician scene using paper clips. inappropriate would it be to make Morph twerk?

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