Thursday, 10 September 2015

Felt Doll

Remember when I made a book? And then made a doll of the character of the book?
Well I made another version of the doll because the first one was too tricky to replicate.

For the second version I made it a bit smaller and used felt so I didn't have to deal with turning the parts inside out.
The dress is made from some fleece I found at the Scrap Store. It was the perfect colour and there was quite a bit of it.

I took a while trying to decide how to do the decoration on the dress. In the first version I used fabric but that wouldn't work on this smaller scale. So for the dots I painted them on with pink fabric paint and for the lines around the edges of the dress I sewed on pink embroidery thread.

I made a paper pattern for this doll so I'll be able to make lots and sell them alongside my book at the craft fairs I'm doing in a few months.

My book is still available to buy on Amazon if you're interested.

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