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Sunday, 7 June 2015

This Week I...

...spent most of my not-at-work time working on this sign for my friend's sister's engagement party.
The party was on Saturday and my friend gave me the canvas on Tuesday so I had to get to work.

Wednesday evening was buying more black acrylic paint then applying two layers of it to cover the canvas. It was so much quicker to use a roller.

Thursday evening was outlining the words with a white paint pen. I was pretty much just copying the example they gave me as original typography is not my thing.

Friday evening and Saturday morning was painting in the words with white acrylic paint and touching up any mistakes with black.

And then the giant sign was done!
I've also said that I'll paint over 'engagement party' and write 'wedding' so they an get more use out of it.

How was your week?
Any big projects?

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