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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Basket Costume

My sister had an Easter themed party last Friday and I decided to go as an Easter basket!

I made the basket skirt by cutting strips of fabric and ironing over the edges. I sewed the vertical strips to the top horizontal strip and then got to weaving. I sewed another horizontal strip to the bottom and then had a long conversation with my sister about closures. In the end we decided against a zip or velcro and realised I could just attach the two sides and put elastic in the top strip to make it fit.
Once on, some of the horizontal strips started to drop and bunch up so I tried to sew across the weaving but this would have been easier before I sewed the sides together. Oh well, I'll know for the next time I need to make a basket skirt.

I attached some straps - basket handles - which cross over at the back, and fastened a fabric bow to the front. Then I stuffed some paper eggs in the front to complete the look.

What do you think? Much better than putting on some ears and a cotton wool ball and calling yourself a bunny, right?

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