Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Macklemore Embroidery

Have you ever searched 'rap embroidery' on Pinterest? I have, and I love it. It's the perfect juxtaposition.
The lyric I chose to sew isn't very gangsta, but it is from Macklemore. I got his album The Heist for Christmas and I can been seen bustin my moves to it that morning in my Christmas video. This lyric is from the first song on the album, 10,000 hours.

I was just going to embroider the words on to plain white fabric but then I had a brain wave to paint some colour on to the fabric first, since the lyric does mention art. I used fabric paints and copied the style of the painted skirt I made.

I drew the words on to the fabric with a pencil and sewed over them with a double strand of black embroidery thread.

When the sewing was finished and I'd ironed the fabric I wrapped it around a board that used to be the back of a picture frame so it already has a hanging hook. I folded the fabric and sewed the corners together, then put a little UHU glue along the inside.

I really love how this turned out and am already thinking what my next embroidery project will be.


  1. I love how you painted it and the words that you chose, so beautiful and well done! :)

  2. Amazing DIY, love the words you sew into it.


  3. Such a lovely DIY, looks amazing.



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