Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cardboard House

The class I work in's topic for this term is Houses and Homes so over half term the class teacher asked if I would make an example house that the children can look at in their art lesson.
Make a tiny house? Yeah, I think I can manage that.

The teacher suggested I take photos of the stages to show the children since they'll only be looking at the finished piece. I'm going to teach those kids the magic of turning a cereal box inside out! 

The next stage is papier mache. I only did one layer of newspaper because it's just to stick all the boxes together, rather than strengthen the model.

And then it was time to paint! I could have put a lot more detail into this but I really didn't need to so I resisted and put my brick stamp away. I still really like it though and I think it will give the children something to aim for and be inspired by.

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