Friday, 2 January 2015

Sewed Santa

Every Christmas my sisters and I get a magazine in our stockings. This was originally to keep us occupied so my parents could get a bit more sleep on Christmas morning, but now we all get up around the same time.
This year I got this copy of Sew magazine which came with a little kit to make a jolly Santa!

It was the perfect thing to do during the afternoon while we were all just sitting around after Christmas dinner.
The kit came with everything you need to make the Santa, including thread. You just have to cut out the pieces from the printed fabric, stitch it all together, stuff it, then add the embellishments like the buttons and the pom-pom.

He was finished by the end of the day, whilst watching Miranda, Doctor who and Call the Midwife.
I love his tiny little legs!!
I've already asked my Mum, I mean Santa, for a similar little sewing project for next year.

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