Friday, 17 October 2014

Marionette Making

This Saturday I'm taking the kids art club at the Letchworth Arts Centre and after much searching I finally found this idea for making marionettes.  

Check the original site for full instructions, but the rough method is draw out the body parts on a piece of paper and then cut wire for each part with loops at both ends. 

Next scrunch newspaper around the wire and cover in masking tape.

Then you assemble the marionette. I did this by connecting the wire loops with sewing cotton.
I painted the body parts and added extra details with a felt tip pen. The hair and dress are made out of felt.
I tied two wooden kebab skewers into a cross and attached the marionette at the head and the wrists with sewing cotton.

Making this little puppet dance makes me laugh so much!

I hope the children enjoy making their own marionettes

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