Sunday, 3 August 2014

This Week I...

...have been preparing for next weeks art sessions at the Letchworth Arts Centre.
In addition to the Olaf one I did this week, I also helped 15 little girls make Elsa costumes. That was pretty full on, and I heard Let It Go sung a lot.

I caught up with my gal pals over dessert and shared out some of my end-of-term haul because I'm a nice, generous person. Also no one person needs that much chocolate #controversialopinion

And I went to see Boyhood which was really interesting. I liked that not only was it filmed over 12 years, but it was filmed over 12 specific years so they referenced lots of things that I was familiar with from those years. Like at the start of the movie the little sister is being annoying and singing the current Britney song of the time, and a bit later the boy is watching Will Ferrell's Landlord video on his laptop.

Have any of you seen the movie?
How was your week?

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