Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wedding Gift Card

My friend Lizzi recently asked if I would do a favour for her. She wanted me to paint on a Starbucks gift card to make it wedding themed, for a friend who's getting married soon.
I wasn't sure if painting it would affect the card and whether it would be accepted, but Lizzi, who has worked for Starbucks for like 6 years, assured it'd be all good.

I still didn't want to paint on it though because I didn't know how well it would hold up to being stuffed in a purse. So I decided to go with a sticker.
I designed this little image of a couple with flowers around them which would cover just the cups on the original card, so you could still see the Starbucks bits. I was going to print it out on a sticker sheet and colour it in with water colour paints or maybe colour pencils. But when I came back to it the next day I decided I didn't like it any more.

So I googled around for inspiration and came up with this burlap/lace design for the card. And since I couldn't decide on an image to put on it, I thought about a phrase. Lizzi and I came up with 'to have and to hold, until your Starbucks gets cold'.
I put the whole thing together on Photoshop and printed it on to a sticker sheet. I cut that out and very carefully stuck it to the front of the card, and then trimmed around the curved corners.

To finish it off  I stuck three little gems at the top for a bit of bling.

What do you think?
Any other personalised wedding gift ideas?


  1. That is so cute and amazing !
    Eb x

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