Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Crafts

This Easter holidays I've been/will be delivering some kids art classes for the Letchworth Arts Centre.
They came up with the titles for each session and it was up to me to finalize the activity and make the examples. I'm a big believer in having examples as it's so much easier to show the children what you want them to make then try and describe it to them. 

In tomorrow's session we'll be making pom-pom chicks! I'll be encouraging the use of non-traditional colours for the chicks, mainly because I don't think we'll have enough yellow wool to go around.
I've cut out the cardboard rings already in two sizes, and then there'll be googly eyes and funky foam for the beaks and feet.

Last Friday was a session for toddlers (the other ones are for ages 5 -10) in which we made Easter masks. I pre-cut the holes in the paper plate and then encouraged the children to rip up tissue paper and glue it on.
One little boy wanted to make a dinosaur mask with sharp teeth.
I was all, 'The Easter dinosaur. That's a thing.'

Another session last week was making dream catchers. Which meant I had to first teach myself how to make a dream catcher, which I did with the help of a few tutorials on blogs. I let the younger ones just wrap the string any old way across the ring but I taught the older ones how to do the proper pattern. They did pretty good.

For each session I come prepared with Easter colouring sheets for the children that finish early. For the toddler class I drew patterned eggs on A3 paper for them to paint. They loved it even though some of my eggs looked more like stripy potatoes!


  1. What did you use for the circle on the dream catcher? My students have been wanting to do them in my club but I can't figure out a cheap way to get the circles, we have all the other materials.

    1. Hi Lauren, I used wire to make the circles, held together with masking tape. I hope that helps.


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