Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bunk Beds Be Gone

I've mentioned a few times that I've been changing around some things in my bedroom recently. The biggest thing was that I decided 2014 would be the year I get rid of my bunk beds. Here's the deal; many, many years ago my two sisters and I used to share this bedroom. We had the bunk beds and another bed. My sisters both moved out to their own rooms and I was left with the bunk beds, and the biggest room. Win.

The top bunk is really useful for storage, which is why I've kept it so long.
I forgot to take a photo before I started changing things (bad blogger!) but you can see from these old blog photos how my top bunk had become a place to dump all of my things.

This is how my room looks now.
A few of my friends have commented on how much 'stuff' I have, and that's true, so I needed to think about ways to store it with the top bunk gone. I've made full use of the space under my bed and even bought a few more storage boxes to keep shoes and hats in which slide underneath.
I also got rid of at least 5 big bags of things to charity shops and jumbles, so I am working on how much 'stuff' I have.

A big part of the switch around was these shelves my Dad built for me. The main things I wanted to store on them were my photo albums and my plastic boxes containing craft stock. The shelves are quite deep as they were built with those things in mind.
I moved my ottoman underneath the shelves to free up some floor space elsewhere, and added hooks underneath the shelves to make use of the empty space between the ottoman and the shelves. Now I can hang up jackets and cardigans that I use regularly and all my thin scarves which I forget about if they aren't on display.
And it's where my monkeys in wigs hang out.

Another thing I did to de-clutter my floor space was to hang my hand painted guitar on the wall. I have another guitar which I prefer to play so this one acts more like decoration. I chose to make my own guitar wall hanger because the ones I found online were either too expensive or stuck too far out of the wall. I found a video on Youtube which showed how to make your own out of a tool hanger and a block of wood. The tool hangers only come in bright red which did annoy me, but once the guitar is on it it's not that obvious.

The only piece of furniture I bought for this swap around was this computer table from Asda for £14. I wanted something wide enough to fit my basket of magazine in and all the tables sold as beside tables were too narrow, so I started looking in other departments. The table has a slide out shelf, meant for a computer keyboard, but I've put a wire basket on it containing my thick socks. The second basket contains my coloured tights and is on a shelf that my Dad and I added. The baskets were a great find from the Scrap Store.
And the underneath of the table is just the right size to store my fold up lap table which I use when I work on my computer in bed. 
This is the first time I've had a proper bedside table. At uni I just had two plastic storage boxes stacked on top of each other with a box of tissues and a clock on. Student life!

The last thing I did was hang this poster of Missy Higgins above my bed which I bought years ago from Ebay. It's usually on my notice board on the opposite wall, which you may have seen here, but seeing the gap between my guitar and school photos I thought the poster would fit in nicely. I found a frame in the loft, put it up and then hung my flower lights around it.

For a look at other parts of my bedroom click here or here, or to see the whole thing in miniature click here


  1. Wow ! Your room really looks a lot neater now. The colour scheme is so cute and I love the guitar. even though I went through and looked at every one of your posts I don't think I remember seeing that one ! I've read it now anyway ! Enjoy your room !
    Eb x

  2. WoW!
    It has changed a lot! Love it now!

    A fashion & DIY blog...

  3. Your room looks lovely now! Hanging the guitar on your wall is a clever idea, and it makes great decoration! I also clicked through to the miniature of your room, which is adorable! I once made a miniature room for an art project, great minds think alike :) I really want to change up my room to gain some more storage space, this is great inspiration xx


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