Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bring and Share Desserts

As I said on Sunday last week my friends and I had our Bring and Share Christmas Dinner.
For a look at past dinners click here.

We always split up the meal so each person brings something and this year I was given desserts.
I made an apple crumble, Christmas cookies and a chocolate cake.

This was the recipe I used for the apple crumble. Just some notes I jotted down from my Mum's instructions.
I'd never made one before but I think my first attempt when pretty well.
It was just your standard apple crumble, but I added some dried cranberries in with the apple for a festive touch.

I used a simple sugar cookies recipe for the Christmas cookies and made some into snowmen...

...and some into snowflakes complete with a sprinkling of edible glitter. Because it's Christmas!
There were also some angels, stars and Christmas trees.
The cookies were a big hit with my friends wrapping up the left over ones to take home.

And finally the chocolate cake.
I used this recipe and it is a winner.
I finished it off with some dark chocolate curls from Jordans Mill.
Jordans as in the cereal company, so these chocolate curls are the same ones you get in the chocolate Country Crisp.

We had way to much food so some of these came back home with me - but my family weren't complaining!

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