Sunday, 24 November 2013

This Week I...

...have been a little under the weather with a stinkin' cold that's been slowing me down.
But do you know what made me feel better?

Finding out one of my best friends got engaged!!
Lizzi is no stranger to the blog. You'll have seen her featured in a lot of my paintings.
Last week she went on holiday with her boyfriend to New York and he popped the question.
She announced it to us girls whilst out at Cafe Rouge and the people on the surrounding tables were startled for sure by the sudden screaming. We're so happy for our friend.
I didn't get a photo from that night - too much excitement and chocolate pudding - so I thought I would share this one of me and Lizzi at the start of our friendship.

It's the Letchworth Arts Centre's Christmas Craft fair time again and my parents very kindly set up my table for me on Friday as I was working.
I took this photo on Saturday and one item had gone already! These crochet Christmas lights were hung on the front of the table, but have since been sold.

And on Saturday I went to see The Butler.
It is so good.
I first heard about the film during Danny Strong's interview on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show which is my current go-to podcast.
Has anyone seen the film? Did you notice Danny's cameo in it?  

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