Sunday, 10 November 2013

This Week I...

...mostly worked and mass-produced things for upcoming craft fairs, which doesn't make for very interesting photos.
I did however receive some interesting deliveries in the post which I'll share with you.
I'll start by saying that I wasn't sponsored or anything by the companies mentioned - I wish, right! - I'm just a regular customer.

The first thing was these new business cards I ordered from Vistaprint. I only have business cards with a photo of one of my miniatures on so I thought it was about time to get some with a painting on. Since my Beach Feet painting was so popular at the recent exhibition it was in I chose that image for the cards.
Vistaprint had a great deal on where I got 250 business cards for something like £14, and free delivery. They even threw in a free business card holder.
They do try to sell you more things at every stage of the checkout process which can get annoying, as do the many emails after purchase with more offers and things to buy, but it's worth it to get the great deal.

I also got some greeting cards printed with three of my paintings on. This one, this one and this one.
I looked around on a few different photo sites and found that Photobox had the best deal as they had a 3 for 3 offer on card packs. 
This meant I got 3 packs of 10 A6 size cards, for about £23, and that includes the delivery.
They also come with envelopes which is incredibly useful as I don't have to worry about finding envelopes to match the size of the cards. 
And the images came out really well on the glossy card.

So how was your week?
Anyone making their own merch?

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