Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tiger Hair Clips

My sewing box is kind of a mess. In the bottom part there's lots of little things I made and haven't done anything with. Like this tiger face.
I made a few of them at the time - and even made one into a necklace - but the others got forgotten.

The tiger face is a circle of fabric sewn around a disc with a bit of stuffing.
I decided to buy some hair clips from Ebay to do something with it.

I made a simple bow from this black leathery fabric, which I've used here and here, and attached the tiger face to the front.

Then I glued the hair clip to the back of the bow and it was done.

As well as a tiger face I also had a couple of tiger print circles.
I attached one to another bow that I'd started to make but didn't finish because the fabric was too thick to be a proper bow, but it worked for this hair clip.

I love these simple project where I've done most of the hard work already.

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