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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mini Flower Pot Makeover

Here's how I transformed this boring little plant pot into something fancier.

This was a bit of a trial and error project as I started by making circles of Sculpey and adding them to the pot a few at a time but I was finding it difficult to get perfect circles and to cover up the join. 

Then I tried just rolling a long thin bit of Sculpey and looping it over the pot making lots of circles.
I stopped aiming for perfect circles and decided to go for a web/honeycomb/structure of bone situation.
I smoothed the Sculpey to get rid of the joins which kept making the whole thing too big for the pot.

I baked the pot for 10/15 minutes and then added more Sculpey where it had come away from the pot, and baked again. 

 I then sanded the Sculpey to get it as smooth as I could.

I painted the entire thing in white emulsion (which always makes me think of this song).
Initially this was all I'd planned to do but I decided I preferred it when the Sculpey was a different colour to the pot to create more of a contrast.

So I painted the holes using a cheap blue metalic poster paint, making is darker around the edges and using a sponge to wipe some of the paint away in the middle.

The blue made me think this little pot looked quite bathroom-y so maybe that's what it'll be used for.

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute! I actually have some leftover clay sitting around, so something like this might be really cool to do! Thanks for sharing!


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