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Thursday, 8 August 2013

This Week I...

...but it's only Thursday!
That's because I'm going camping tomorrow so won't be posting for a week.
So here's what's been going down so far this week.

A few months ago two of my miniatures were shortlisted for the Cork Street Open exhibition which meant on Monday I had to take them to London for final judging.
The pieces were the McCreerys shop and the house.
Taking the house on the tube was a little worrying but it got there in one piece.
My Mum had the genius idea to put luggage straps around the cardboard box to make for easier carrying.

Unfortunately my works wasn't selected for the exhibition so I had to trek back to London today to get them.

Then it was time to start packing for camp!
My parents came home from their holiday in Italy and brought me this Little Sun.
It's a solar powered light which is really bright and you can either hang it up or wear it around your neck. It's going to be so useful next week at camp. Especially on those late night trips to the loo...

I'm finally going to get to use the red cup I bought in Nashville. It's proper plastic, not the flimsy plastic of the regular disposable red cups. When I saw it in the shop I was thinking, 'hmmmm, but do I need it....I know, I'll use it at camp!'

I also bought some new walking boots as I didn't really have any. These were a great find in a charity shop. They look fairly new, were only £8, and just happened to be in my size. Perfect. Shout out to my sister Lucy for spotting them.

Well, this is going to be me for the next week.
See you when I get back!

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