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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Past Paintings

When my family were preparing for our garage sale a couple of weeks ago I spent a lot of time in the loft sorting through things. I re-discovered a lot of my old art work. Here's a selection:

These paintings were made as an extra piece for my portfolio for my university interview.
I remember being inspired by the work of Vija Celmins who would draw pieces of paper and the image on them.

This piece was made after a trip to New York with college during my art foundation year. Usually we would have been expected to make some kind of art while we were there but all our bags got lost so we didn't have any materials. What a shame.

This is one of the many nudes I have from years of life drawing. I think this is my best one. Drawing in charcoal was kind of my jam.
This one was from a session at college when half way through the model grabbed her robe and left the room because she thought she was going to be sick.
It was pretty warm in the room.

This painting was part of my A level work in response to a set theme that I can't remember. Something that I interpreted as time passing. Probably something like 'transition'.
It's of my Grandma and looking at the face I don't think I could paint it any better now.
The same can't be said for those grapes... 

This was my GCSE exam piece which was also on a theme that could have been 'transition'.
Oy, those trees! I definitely improved when it comes to painting trees. I hope.

This was a support drawing for the project that culminated in the previous painting.
Clearly I didn't remember this drawing when it came to painting those trees.
This is another piece that I don't think I could do any better now.

And this is a painting from GCSE of jars of jam.
Cos why not!

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