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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ribbon and Gold Ball Bracelet

Coral and Gold Ball Bracelet Stack from New Look 
When I was shopping with my friends the other day I noticed these bracelets in New Look, the bottom one in particular.

One of my friends asked me if I look around at this stuff and think, 'I could make that'.
Well yes, I do.

I remembered these gold balls on wire that I've kept for ages.
They came off some Christmas crackers and I've held on to them thinking they might be useful.

The gold balls on the original bracelet are beads but since these gold balls are already attached to wire I used that to wrap them around a plastic hoop.

Then I wrapped ribbon around the hoop in between the balls.
I also tried using thinner ribbon around a thin bangle

They sort of look like they should be little bells that jingle, but I'm sure that would get annoying.

The best thing about this quick project is that it allowed me to use some of the things I've had for ages but never done anything with.


  1. I love ways to make jewelry and get the look for less! How crafty! :)


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