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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Painting: Lizzi

This is my latest painting. It's my friend Lizzi. She's my most depicted friend in my art work.
I think this is partly because she lives the closest to me, so I can quickly pop round to get a photo or draw her, and partly because of the hair.

Here's some of my previous Lizzi art.

This was a drawing I did for my A-level art work.
Lizzi sat for me and I think we put a The OC dvd on to keep her occupied.

This was another A level piece.
We had a lot of fun taking photos for this piece.
Every so often we talk about doing an updated version now that her shoe collection is way bigger.

This was a piece I did for fun to experiment with adding textures on the painting.
See what I mean about the hair?

This painting was done during my first year at university.

This is the only painting Lizzi's actually asked me to do, a portrait of her and her boyfriend for his birthday.

I think I should start painting my other friends or I might start getting accused of favouritism.

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