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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Magnify Exhibition

I currently have some of my work on display at the Letchworth Arts Centre.
They had a gap in their calender for April and offered me the space.

I'm showing six of my miniature models.
I've put them on plinths and arranged them so they can be walked around as much as possible.
It's like a creepy model village!

I had thought about putting them on the shelf but I like them on plinths better.
It also means a lot less drilling into the wall.

I was given the cafe gallery which has some nice wall space, but they only work for 2D art.
So instead of displaying some of the my paintings which would have been unrelated to my miniatures I invited my friend Natalie to exhibit with me.

Natalie is my friend from uni, we shared a studio space, and I thought her miniature portraits would work well with my miniature models.

We even made it into the paper.

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