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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Check out my wall

After my Scale Model  Making course I wanted to use one of the techniques I learnt so I made this wall.
Bricks I've done before, but flint cobbles? New territory time.
Here's how I did it

I took this photo by balancing the camera on my wrist. Fun fact.
The key is Sculpey!
Mark out the pattern in a lump of Sculpey.
I also molded the back of the Sculpey to fit my fingers for easy grippin'.

Once the Sculpey has been baked it's ready to imprint into the kapa-line foam.
This stuff is amazing.
When I tried the Sculpey on a test piece I may have leapt about exclaiming, 'It worked! It worked!'

I'd already stuck the foam to a piece of MDF so then I built the rest of the wall around it; the tiles on the top and the brick pillar on the end.

I painted the entire thing a mortar colour, making sure to get into all of the cracks.

Then I used a dry brush to paint the stones as this would pick up the pattern.

When I was in 6th form my Dad built a brick wall in our back garden. For that time I was pretty much an abandoned child cos he loved that wall more than me. Then my friends got in on the act and one time came over to my house just to hang out with the wall. They even brought a brick in to school dressed up like me, and said they preferred brick-Lisa (yup, we were the cool kids in school, obvs). It was a tough time.
But now I get it. I love this tiny wall like a child and I'm proud of everything it's accomplished. 

Geez, I need a job.


  1. I've just been checking out your blog. You are so talented! Parents do tend to get caught up in their tasks sometimes, don't they?


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