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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mothers Day

This is my Mum when she was at college.
(Yep, I inherited those crafty genes, and that headscarf)

And this is my Mum and I stuck in my Dad's jacket.

Why the Mum pics?
Because Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK.

My gift was helping!
(It's my Mum's birthday later this week so she's getting actual presents then)
I decided to make up some coupons for various house things that I'll do so she doesn't have to; washing up, cleaning the bathroom, the ironing, the dusting, and even making a cup of tea.
Chore coupons. That's a bit American...how about Housework Vouchers.
Coupons is funner to say.

And like real coupons I've even included term and conditions.
The one for making a cup of tea is 'Dad can have one too'.
It's only fair.

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