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Sunday, 3 February 2013

This Week I...

I finished my 6 month internship this week.
And what did I spend my last day at the arts centre doing? Painting on a tortilla with guacamole, tomato purée, blackberries and raspberries of course!
It's for a school workshop based around edible art, and it's meant I've been making some interesting trips to Morrisons over the past few weeks.

This week I also completed these signs for a production of Annie that I'm helping out with, and the can of spray mount I got on my foundation course, about 4 years ago, finally ran out.

And I had another session of my Set Design course at Central Saint Martins.
They had the fountains on outside the building when I left.
The water goes up and down and the lights change colour. It's fancy.

How was your week?

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