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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Miniature progress

I've finally started a new miniature project I've been wanting to do make since October.
I've chosen to make a replica of the Acme Farm Supply building in downtown Nashville.
That's the white building in this photo I took when I was there.
The only other replicas I've made were my bedroom and Holly's fireplace. I think they're more challenging then creating something entirely imagined but  I walked through a lot of Nashville and New York thinking, 'I want to make it all in miniature!'

This was the only photo of the building I took so I've found a really useful image on google, and google map street view has been really helpful as it allows me to see the building from all angles.

Here are a few shots of my progress so far.

The front of the building is made of thick card board.
Usually I would print the bricks on using a stamp made from a rubber, but the bricks on this building work out as 1x4mm which is far too small for a stamp. So instead I've roughly scored horizontal lines, 1mm apart, across the cardboard which should give the impression of bricks.

A major feature of the building is the brickwork at the top which I made from 6 layers of paper, all cut to the correct size and then glued together.

One of the things that I like about this building is how distressed it is with raw bricks showing through the white paint. So today I've been working on achieving that look.

I've made more notes and diagrams with this piece than I have with my other pieces, but I wanted to make sure I do it properly.
I can definitely see how I've improved as a model maker compared to when I started making models about two and half years ago.

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