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Sunday, 11 November 2012

This week I...

...got a tooth pulled out!

As part of my dental treatment, not only do I have to have braces, but I also had to have a tooth removed to make room for the impacted tooth. Remember the x-ray? It was the last of my baby teeth. I guess that means I'm a proper adult now.
I figured I would write to the Tooth Fairy, just in case, even though that contradicts my last point about being  an adult.
But guess what guys?
It worked! Kerching.

This week I also finished reading Brad Paisley's book 'Diary of a Player'.
Parts of it were like walking through the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.
And other parts were like like walking through Nashville. Specifically Hillsboro Village. Right up to the Pancake Pantry.

I started a painting.
What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?

And I packaged up some Craft-Arty Kid products to be raffle prizes at upcoming craft fairs, the first of which is next week.

Did you guys have a good week?

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