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Sunday, 21 October 2012

This Week I...

 On Thursday evening I modelled in a 1970s themed photoshoot for the Arts Centre.
In November we're having a weekend festival celebrating the 70s and 80s, so leading up to that we're doing a lot of smaller projects around that theme.

It was a lot of fun.
We had girls from the local college come and do our hair and make-up.
(I've very quickly learned to not bother to try and hide my braces in photos.)

And we dressed up in 70s clothing.
I wore one of my Mum's old dresses.
You can see more about it here.

I roped two of my friends into modelling too and this is what they were wearing.
So much fabric!
I can't wait to see the professional photos.

Also this week I...
*Did a lot of photocopying and stapling at work. Standard intern behaviour.
*Had a girls night with chocolate and The Lucky One.
*Went to the cinema with my sister to see Ruby Sparks.
*Baked some 'thank-you' cookies for my friends for helping out with the photoshoot. Chocolate chip of course!

What did you guys get up to?

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