Sunday, 14 October 2012

This Week I...

I had my first full week as a glasses wearing, braces having girl.
I got glasses and braces in two days! That's just not fair.

Here's the x-ray of my teeth.
I keep it on my phone so I can show everyone, cos that's how I roll.
I have an impacted canine that needs to be brought down into place, and all my other teeth are going to be straightened out at the same time.
I have to have the braces for at least a year, which means I'll be 23 when they come off!

Does anyone have any tips for living with braces?
Or does anyone have/has had adult braces that can share my pain?

Also this week I started a miniature project (that's a project making miniatures, not a tiny-sized project) which started off with sawing wood. Which made my arm ache.

And I was on the front page of one my local newspapers for arts centre!
I'm not actually directly involved with this project, they just wanted more people for the photo.

How was your week?

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  1. I see a lot more adults getting braces these days so you are not alone! I had them twice actually, when I was 11 for a year and then again at 17 for a year. It's definitely not the worst thing in the world. You get used to them, I promise. Also, your glasses are really cute! :)


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