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Friday, 29 July 2011

Miniature crime scenes

Since I put in the effort to make little CSI vests for the Playmobile people on my birthday cake I wanted to use them for something else once all the cake had been eaten.
So I put together these little crime investigation scenes just for fun.

"It's bad news son."

Nick and Catherine figure out what the slippers mean.

Did she fall, or was she pushed?

I'm thinking poisoned.
(Yeah, the people in my dollhouse watch ER)

Doc Robins performs an autopsy.

Catherine talking to Greg back in the lab.

A few days after this I discovered the Nutshell Studies by Frances Glessner Lee. This awesome lady created miniature murder scenes back in the 1940s to teach police officers the finer details of crime scene investigation. She also helped to establish a department at Harvard university for legal medicine and was honourarily appointed a captain of the New Hampshire State Police which made her the first woman to hold such a position.
All this from a woman whose parents allowed her brother to go to university but not her. 

The 18 dioramas are now kept in the medical examiner's offie at Baltimore city morgue and in 2004 a book was published containing photographs taken of the models by artist Corrine May Botz.


  1. Thanks for the link for Corrine May Botz! I was so intrigued!

  2. thanks for your visit to mamascout.

    these pictures (and your birthday cake) are amazing. i love these. thanks!

    have a great weekend!

  3. Hello!

    I'm from Canada and I visit your blog frequently. I love what you do and admire your creativity.

    You do a lot of miniatures so I thought you might like this link... It shows how to make a mini vase with buttons. Real cute!

    Keep up the good work!

    Kelly =)



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