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Friday, 10 June 2011

Painting: On the Beach

A few weeks ago while I was still in Norwich my friends and I took a trip to the beach! Cromer to be precise.
It was a really fun day and the above painting that I just finished is from one of the photos taken.
I've never painted waves like that before but I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Although it was sunny it was pretty windy which made it a tad chilly, hence all the layers. 

But some of the boys still went in the sea. Because they are insane.

We buried someone in the sand, cos it's tradition.
I'm loving it even if he wasn't.

And my friends made a stone heart.

We also had fish and chips, spent a long time on the 2p machines, and had those hot donuts where they give you four but you really only need one because they're so sugary. Delightful.


  1. how much funnnn..nice!!!
    well a girl's heart must be as a stone..otherwise someone can crack or break it!!!hmmmmm

  2. you are quite an artist!



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