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Friday, 27 May 2011

We built a fort!

Since our final hand in of the year my housemates and I have had some free time on our hands.
So we built a fort!

This is the best photo I have of the whole thing.
We used many blankets (including my Camp Rock one that you can see on the right there) which we pegged to ropes and chairs, and we even made it so that the sofa was inside the fort.
We also added fairy lights on the inside which looked really pretty when it started getting dark.  

We did awesome things in the fort like watch Take Me Out...

...and play Scrabble.

Forts have come along way since I used to drape a blanket over two chairs and call it a den when I was little.
 And they're not just for kids as the following forts show.
My room
from Flickr

and from Design Sponge which even as a how-to.
What was the last time you built a fort/den?


  1. oh my goodness! You seriously make me want to search through my cupboard and pull out any sheets I can find!
    I dont think I have built a fort since I was like 7!
    bring back the fort I say. :)

  2. It looks so magical! I've never built a fort... it seems so much fun!

  3. This is so fantastically whimsical!
    I feel a bout of nostalgia coming on...
    I wish I had enough space to have a fort for numerous activities.
    I'm envious of you dear.


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