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Friday, 1 April 2011


As promised here are some photos from the group exhibition I was in this week called Juxtapose.

Can you spot my pieces?

The exhibition featured work from 13 art students in a wide range of mediums including photography, painting, video and sculpture.

The wonderful spread for the private view. It was a noment.

I love a good 'artist with their work' shot.

The exhibition was in an empty shop in our local shopping centre, Castle Mall.
For the private view my friend Natalie painted our friend James in the front window as part of her work which attracted a lot of attention.

Having displayed my miniatures on plinths before I wanted to try something different and exhibit them on the floor, but I wasn't sure if people would bother to bend down to get a proper look. This photo proves that they did.

See that red dot?
We all know what that means. Yay. 

The pieces I put in the exhibition were this one, this one and this one.

(Psst, Norwich folks; you've still got a day to go and see this if you haven't already!)

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