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Monday, 28 March 2011

More miniatures

It's new miniature time!

It's a fireplace. Do you like the painting? I did that myself. It's so small!

I made all the fire...accessories? utensils?...out of paperclips that I painted black.

Then there's a box of letters with some already in the fire. Note the burned out matches.

A glass of wine.
Are you getting the idea? Scorned woman gets drunk and burns all the letters from her ex-lover, or something like that.
That glass of wine was one of the hardest things to make. For the cup part I allowed PVA glue to dry around a plastic bead which I then peeled off and trimmed. The stem is a tiny piece of rolled up sellotape and the base is a small circle of plastic. And the wine is just paint and glue. 

Here's me installing the piece because we're having a group exhibition in an empty shop! It's very exciting.
The tiny wine glass broke on the way over to the shop though so notice my small pot of emergency glue. 

The exhibition starts on Monday until Saturday so if you're in Norwich head over to Castle Mall and have a look.
If not, don't worry, I will of course be sharing more photos later.


  1. oh my god i love miniatures! i just got back from going to disney land and they have a ride that is all miniatures of places like agrabah, cinderallas castle, and the village where pinocchio lived...so so cute! small things in general are just so cute!


  2. these are amazing. so adorable. great post love. Super glad I found your blog. I'm totally following now, I hope you will as well. Check out my new blog for all this celebrity fashion from an LA stylist. xoxo


  3. your miniatures are really cool & I love your many DIYs all over your blog.

    super super super creative & awesome!

    I am definitely in envy of your creativity & follow through, like wow.

    thanks for checking out my blog by the way (:


  4. WOW~!!! You are amazing! This is amazing! YOur painting is wonderful, too. I LOVE LOVE miniature!


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