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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tiny Little Dark Things

As promised here are some photos from my little exhibition at uni. I realise that most of what you're seeing is a bunch of boxes not the miniature scenes inside but I'll show you close ups of the individual pieces in future posts.

There's Because You Left on the right, and a newer piece Men In Suits Make Mistakes on the left.

 Should Have Gone The Long Way Home on the right and Dirty Playground on the left. It's a strip club. With working lights. Oh yeah.

Red High Heels on the left, which seems to be the favourite amongst the viewers, and What Have I Done on the right which has a mirror in it so you can see yourself looking...

...like this.

And this is what you end up looking at. I'm very happy with the way the glue dried to look like running water.

The artist and her work.

I also had a plinth with some of the miniature weapons that I made last term on it and a comments book for people to write in. Which they have been doing! It's very exciting.

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