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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

If it's little; I like it

Here are some of the artists I've looked at to help with my miniature work.

Life Goes On - Frank Kunert
Frank Kunert is a German artist who makes ironic models based on common phrases and then photographs them.

Laundromat, 2008 - Lori Nix
Lori Nix describes herself as a photographer who constructs her subject matter rather than going out and finding it. She's done a lot of work based on her childhood in Kansas, growing up experiencing natural disasters. Her latest series The City depicts a post-apocalyptic world, empty of human life.

Noir - Jonah Samson
Jonah Samson's latest series of photographs, Noir, is based on early 20th century crime photography. If you know how much CSI I've been watching lately; you'll know why I like this.

Clearing (UXO) - Thomas Doyle
 Thomas Doyle is the only one of the bunch who presents the 3D miniatures as the artwork, rather than photographs of them. I like how he enclosed the tiny worlds into glass domes, reminiscent of snowglobes.

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