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Monday, 20 December 2010

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Here's a peek at our Christmas decorations. Most people in my family have their own opinions on what to put up, so the key word is compromise. 

This year my sister bought a pack of mini candy canes (from Poundland. Winner), so we hung them over fireplace with mini pegs.
As well as cute little ornaments on the fireplace I took a glass vase and filled it with pine cones that have fallen off our fake Christmas tree over the years and a few leftover red baubles.
I also dug out some old photos and displayed them on red shiny thread with mini pegs that I covered in glitter. They show past Christmases including one from when my Dad was younger on the left, when my Mum was a child on the right, and my sisters and I in the middle. Did anyone else have bubble saxophones? 

On the shelves above the tv I put some of the random ornaments including two Santas and an angel my Mum received from one of her students.

This guy usually lives in the porch but we've brought him inside whilst our doors get replaced.
Check out the snow!

Here's the tree. It's red and gold themed as usual but we bought a new angel this year. She's a bit of a beast compared to the size of the tree, but we like it.

The lights are also new. We've always had coloured lights but this year we got white LED lights which use less electricity. I'm using this to justify my long showers.

We also got some new tree decorations this year including sparkly gold instruments and mini red and gold mirror balls.

What colour schemes do you go for with your decorations? My sister has a pink tinsel tree in her room with silver decoration which is pretty cool.

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