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Monday, 1 November 2010

Pumpkin fun

I don't usually bother too much with Halloween but this year my sister bought a pumpkin so she could make pumpkin pie. So after she gutted it, I got to carving it. Now, bare in mind I don't do this regularly so my carving skills aren't up to scratch.
I'd seen online the technique of only cutting away some of the pumpkin so you can create a better picture, so that's what I tried with the ghost.

Lights on *clap clap*

Lights off. Spooky.

Here's some alternative pumpkin decorating ideas from around the web. The interweb. Not a creepy spiders web.

I love this sparkly, sequin pumpkin from The Swell Life.

That cool couple over at Young House Love had fun with puffy paint for their pumpkins this year. It's more chic than scary but I like it.
And I think this pumpkin snake from Martha Stewart is worth a mention. Just whoah.

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