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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I didn't know how to make a mini George Clooney

This is how I've finished the miniature hospital room for assessment, though there are a lot of things I could add to it.

The hospital bed is almost all made of wooden kebab sticks painted silver.

Please take a moment to appreciate the hand-Sharpied floor.


Making a miniature blood bag is not easy.


  1. haha, this is brilliant. you should do a George Clooney the same why you did the people looking at the paintings in the end of term show like this --->>>http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mKuouXlaESE/S9sZTePTFxI/AAAAAAAAAgw/i0GtCN-qvp4/s1600/IMG_5372.JPG

  2. I enjoyed my visit on your blog. You do awesome work. I really loved the hospital scene. My son is graduating next week as a N.A. I would love to make a hospital room/ office scene. I am nor sure what yet. Your hospital bed in incredible can you share how it was made in a little more detail? Please stop by and visit my blog!


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